We are a new breed of immigration specialists who embrace transparency and technology in our practice. AI Immigration is built to provide smart, flexible and client focused services.

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We aim to understand our clients’ necessities, difficulties, goals and to maximise the usefulness of our services.
Our priority is ensure professionalism, integrity - we are reliable and responsible team of Immigration Advisors.
We are always open to dialogue - to honestly communicate all relevant information consistently and constructively with clients.

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This is not yet another immigration advice agency. We are much more than that. We are experienced law professionals from the UK working in partnership with Kiwi Education.
We are not only know how immigration law works and have relevant experience in immigration advice but we are absolutely dedicated to provide services up to the highest standards and client's satisfaction.
We want to use this experience and knowledge to assist those who are considering immigration to the UK.

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3 mins read 27.10.2021

EU Settlement Scheme: EU Citizens’ rights in the UK

All EU Citizens who wish to stay in the UK were supposed to apply for either settled or pre-settled status before 31 June 2021. However, the Home Office still accepting applications if you or a family member were living in the UK by 31 December 2020.
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3 mins read 07.10.2021

Graduate Route 2021

What is Graduate Route? Who can apply and when? And why it is the easiest way to move to the UK permanently? From 1 July 2021 students who graduated from the UK universities will be able to apply for at least 2 years permit stay in the UK.
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Temporary visas as a solution for UK’s worker shortage
According to the Office for National Statistics labour deficiencies in Britain had a record 1 million jobs between June and August. Just recently we saw an increased demand for fuel at all petrol stations, which resulted in large queues. The UK's Road Haulage Association (RHA) says Britain needs 100,000 more drivers to meet demand.
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Proposed reforms in British immigration law
The government published a document called "UK innovation Strategy” which announced quite thrilling news. Why it is so exciting? Because they accepted a refreshed strategy to make the UK a comfortable and inspiring place for talented people and promising businesses.
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